Atlanta City Councilmember C.T. Martin is a leader we can count to fight for us at City Hall. For more than two decades, Councilmember Martin has been working hard on the issues we care about. From keeping our community’s safe and working to improve opportunities for our working families, youth and seniors, to fighting to keep our hard earned tax dollars protected. He is committed to ensuring that City resources and services work well for all of us–not only today, but in the future. Councilmember Martin supports a variety of issues that seek to improve the quality of life for all Atlantans including:

Economic Development

Councilmember Martin has carried the torch on key pieces of legislation that resulted in tangible community benefits in the form of jobs, business recruitments, improved parks, trails, and recreation centers, supportive housing, healthcare accessibility, homeownership assistance and small business loans. Over the past decade, Councilmember Martin has worked in partnership with the Atlanta Development Authority to secure more than $173 million in real estate investments and business activity by leveraging $79 million in public incentives.

Councilmember Martin led the negotiations to secure funding for the new Department of Family and Children’s Services. The new facility not only provides an up-to-date service location for District 10 residents, but also located along our main thoroughfare; it also greatly improves the visual appeal along Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive.


District 10 has a rich history and has produced countless business, civic, educational, and political leaders. A major reason for our success is the fact that the schools within our district—Adamsville Elementary, Margaret Fain Elementary School, Peyton Forest Elementary, L. P. Miles Elementary, G. A. Towns Elementary, Harper Archer Middle School, Usher Middle School, and Benjamin E. Mays High School—rely heavily on the community for support of their vision and mission.

As a member of council, Councilmember Martin continues to support wholeheartedly the Young Scholars Fund. To raise funds for educational field trips—locally and internationally—is an annual event on Councilman Martin’s calendar. To date, he has raised thousands of dollars to support academic enrichment opportunities from District 10 youth. Providing support at every level is critical if we are to prepare young leaders to return to their community to give back and to help restore confidence and move the Atlanta Public Schools forward.

Public Safety

In order to provide safe and livable neighborhoods, civic organizations, public safety officers and local government must work together to monitor, report and weed out criminal elements when they develop.

Giving our Public Safety Officers the resources needed to protect our citizens, and the incentive to invest in long-term law enforcement service is the key to providing effective public safety services and keeping our city safe. Atlanta’s felony crimes are at the lowest they have been since 1969.

  • For the first time in Atlanta’s history, there are nearly 2,000 police officers on the force.
  • Significant improvements have been made in the crime-fighting equipment and technologies available to our police, including a Video Integration Center.
  • Each fire truck now has four firefighters, rather than just three, and response times have improved.

Senior Citizens

District 10 senior citizens often need special attention and Councilmember Martin is dedicated to helping them whenever possible.

Providing home improvement through business partnerships and ensuring that sidewalks especially leading to public transportation and neighborhood stores, driveways and other neighborhood paths are usable by the elderly and disabled is also important to the quality of life for independent seniors. He also co-sponsors weekly enrichment activities at the Senior Citizen Fun, Health and Fitness program at the Old Adamsville Recreation Center.

He has consistently lead the charge for our seniors, supported several legislative actions on their behalf, including:

  • Approved an ordinance authorizing the City of Atlanta to waive 30 percent of its water and sewer rates for taxpayers age 65 and over whose annual household income does not exceed $25,000 annually.
  • Adopted a resolution declaring a need for a Comprehensive Healthcare Center in Southwest Atlanta, thus supporting the efforts of the citizens of Southwest Atlanta to re-open Southwest Hospital and Medical Center.
  • Sponsoring various health education sessions in the community regarding diabetes awareness, stroke prevention, nutrition, and fitness.


Maintaining and improving the city’s infrastructure takes strong community partnerships and strong procedures. Atlanta’s roads, bridges, water supply, sewers, and utility systems need safe and reliable. As the city moves towards improve its infrastructure, I believe this will make Atlanta more attractive and a great place to live.